Call for Papers

You want to support us with a presentation?

Take part at our “Call for papers” for the 22nd CADENAS Industry Forum and send a brief description to!

Topics, on which you can hand in a brief description

  • Strategic Parts Management


  • Parts Consolidation

  • Electronic Product Catalogs

  • Geometric Similarity Search

  • Interfaces to CADENAS‘ Solutions

  • BIM Building Information Modeling

Please note that your presentation should relate to solutions offered by CADENAS. In general, we reject company or products presentations as well as PR presentations that are solely business-related.

Your brief description should include the following:

  • Title of the presentation

  • Brief summary of the presentation (1 page max.)

  • Results/conclusion/bottom line

  • Full name and address of the speaker

  • Including phone number and email address for queries.

  • A brief C.V. of the speaker (300 characters max.)

Deadline, selection procedure and notification

Please send the brief description of your presentation to
Shortly after the deadline has expired, CADENAS will make a selection from all submitted papers. We will immediately inform you if your proposal was chosen for the CADENAS Industry Forum.

Admission fees and cost absorption

A speaker may take part at the symposium, free of charge. Due to favorable admission fees, the budget of the CADENAS Industry Forum is extremely closely calculated. We therefore ask for your understanding that we cannot pay for the speaker’s hotel and travelling costs.