Industry Forum 2019: Review

On 20 & 21 March 2019 more than 250 international visitors from the mechanical, plant, and electrical engineering industries informed themselves about trends and developments such as Industry 4.0 and cost optimisiation with Strategic Parts Management, boosting market potential with Electronic Product Catalogs and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The opening keynote presentation of the 20th Industry Forum is available upon request.

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The documents for the workshops "Fully automated classification with PARTsolutions" und "Creation of parts catalogs by importing existing data" are also available on request.


Presenter Topic Company

Stephan Stammberger

MISUMI Europa GmbH

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PURCHINEERING through MISUMISATION: Everything from a Single Source

  • Fast and Efficient - Turn drawing parts into purchased parts
  • Significant savings in process costs - MISUMI Total Cost Saving
  • Application examples from practice - source of inspiration for engineers

Olaf Hilla


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Implementation of CADENAS GEOsearch into WABCO Process Landscape

  • Classification of standard parts at WABCO
  • Implementation of the shape search GEOsearch
  • New tool = new process

Anatol Kligermann

Balluff GmbH

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Extension of Balluff's Electronic Product Catalog with CAE data

  • Idea and first experiences
  • Technical and organizational implementation
  • CAD, CAE, Rendering - three sides of a process

Thorsten Müller

Parametric Technology Corporation

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Augmented Reality in Service

  • Industry 4.0 quickly implemented
  • Unleash digital product data with AR
  • PURCHINEERING! At any time - at any place

Johannes Hoos

Festo AG & Co. KG

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Mathias Wiegand

Festo AG & Co. KG

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AutomationML for Automation Components

  • Industry 4.0 as a driver for digital mechatronic representations
  • Components and relationships of digital models
  • AutomationML as a data exchange format and use cases

Daniela Dapper

Groz-Beckert KG

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Find, Reuse & Control in the Context of SAP ECTR

  • Find, Reuse & Control 0.0: Need for something new
  • Find, Reuse & Control 1.0: Overview of new processes and benefits
  • Find, Reuse & Control 2.0: Outlook for the future

Joachim Frank

Zuken E3 GmbH

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Enabling the Digital Twin for mechatronic systems with electrified component data

  • Cable harness, control cabinet and fluid development based on complete mechanical and electrical information
  • Complete digital information for production, documentation and commissioning
  • Production-oriented development without prototype construction

Andreas Wedel

HARTING Electric GmbH & Co. KG

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Barrier-free design with manufacturer models

  • Fast finding of the right components & documentation
  • Fusion of CAD & CAE
  • Boosting efficiency potentials through digital collaboration

Wolfgang Nagl


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Sascha Heinemann


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20 years of eCATALOG - 20 Powerful Ideas to take your Business to the Next Level

  • Curiosities and interesting facts from 20 years of eCATALOGsolutions
  • Hidden Stars - Unknown but valuable features brought in front of the curtain
  • CADENAS Backstage - Behind the scenes of the Innovation Company

Simone Plösch

Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

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Ronald Schwab

Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

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CADENAS Highlights at Uhlmann - How to Boost User Experience

  • Standardization at Uhlmann with company parts catalogs
  • Customization of the user interface
  • Wiki - documentation for application and operation

Matthias Fuß


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Setting standards at WITTENSTEIN with PARTsolutions

  • WITTENSTEIN SE products and PLM landscape
  • Motivation for a standard and catalog part solution and why we decided for CADENAS
  • Consolidate product data of self-designed parts and C-parts with support of CADENAS / D&TS

Tim Thomas


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The Future of 3D Standardization in the Digital Age

  • Innovations in managing Company, Supplier and Industry Standards
  • Why an SPM strategy is mission critical for manufacturers who are adopting the newly stated new paradigms of Model Based Definition (MBD), Model Based Enterprise (MBE), Industry 4.0 (IiOT), Digital Twin

Lukas Dieterle

ERO-Führungen GmbH

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The Digital Product Catalog powered by CADENAS as strategic sales and marketing tool at ERO-Führungen GmbH

  • eCATALOGsolutions as marketing tool for the website presence
  • The CAD catalog as a pre-sales service tool for the sales department
  • Topics to consider when using eCATALOGsolutions

Stefan Waldner


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PARTcommunity – Innovations for Manufacturer Portals

  • New functions for PARTcommunity 9.0

Marcel Pfeiffer

Zimmer Group

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Digital Services with eCATALOGsolutions - The Vision of Digitization Becomes Reality

  • Disruptive change in digitization as a game changer
  • Digital Services for the entire life cycle of the plant
  • Digital Services as real added value

Stefan Günter


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LOD / LOI and the „I“ in BIM

  • History / regional specification / standards
  • Differentiation LOD, LoD and LOI
  • Use-cases today and outlook to the future

Paul Surin

Wienerberger AG

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Interoperable data = BIM for manufacturers

  • Data and geometry
  • Why, how and what next for data and manufacturers
  • Case study: Wienerberger, CADENAS & coBuilder - a new approach to product data and geometry

Andreas Damrau


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BIM-compliant operation with Design2Cost

  • Integrated BIM solution from project development, preliminary drafts to complete quantity determination at item level
  • Components from will be intelligently integrated into the BIM model in the future and will be available for all evaluations in Design2Cost
  • Analyses for the open BIM workflow (e.g. energy certificate, structural planning, TGA planning, etc.) are available in IFC-compliant form

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Konrad Werning

ARGE Neue Medien

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BIM in the Sanitary, Heating and Air-conditioning Industry Supported with CADENAS Technology

  • Current status
  • The "ARGE" working group portal
  • Examples from members & next steps

Frank-Udo Kimm


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Providing Multi BIM data models with CADENAS and ARGE, a user story from a member's perspective

  • Challenge for manufacturers: In addition to geometric data, structured product master data for common BIM CAD systems must also be provided
  • New possibilities through the cooperation of ARGE Neue Medien with CADENAS
  • Presentation and discussion of a successful user story for different business types

Colin Lin


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ZWSOFT Products and PARTsolutions

  • ZWSOFT Products and Customers
  • Implementation of PARTsolutions
  • The Benefits of PARTsolutions

Mihai Dumitrescu


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Augmented Reality in Industry

  • Why it makes sense to display information directly where it is needed
  • Possibilities that exist to realize this
  • Challenges that still have to be overcome

Frank Epple


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Innovations in PARTsolutions Version 12 and Outlook to Future Versions