Industry Forum 2024: Review

300 guests from the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, construction and electrical engineering took part in the 22nd Industry Forum in Augsburg. In addition to almost 30 presentations by experts, the event included an exhibition and a stadium tour of the WWK Arena.


Karl Osti

Autodesk GmbH


The benefits of 3Dfindit integration in Autodesk Fusion for engineers

  • Integrate CAD models natively
  • Speed up your parts search
  • Ensuring high data quality

Andreas Brandauer

Siemens Industry Software GmbH


Digital twins from 3Dfindit to Siemens NX

  • Use of purchased parts with PMI
  • Smart functions and kinematics
  • Importance of enriched data

Joachim Frank

Zuken E3 GmbH


Bernd Schlenk

Zuken GmbH


Mechatronic components for the digital twin in control cabinet construction

  • How do Electronic Product Catalogs from CADENAS help with the search and creation of components for the E-CAD system E3.series?
  • Use of the data for circuit, cable and fluid diagrams and the control cabinet layout
  • The digital twin supplies the production data for enclosures
  • How E-CAD users and component manufacturers benefit

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Jürgen Heimbach



Purchase prices - trends - risk assessment of purchased parts

  • Presentation of the new CADENAS Purchineering solution
  • Increased added value through risk analysis and price calculation
  • Transparent comparison of different purchasing sources

Dr. Anna Lukasson-Herzig

nyris GmbH


Generative AI for a successful spare parts display

  • Introduction to generative AI
  • AI in the area of spare parts procurement
  • Cooperation between nyris & CADENAS

Damian Nowak

Resolto Informatik GmbH


Complex configurators with CADENAS data via CONFIGON

  • Introduction to CONFIGON's powerful product portfolio
  • Live demonstration of systems from our reference customers
  • Detailed presentation of data maintenance options
  • Efficient commissioning based on CADENAS data

Dr. Arne Gaiser

DSC Software AG


Martin Mehring



Enterprise 3Dfindit and SAP ECTR - added value through up-to-date information on purchased parts

  • SAP and Enterprise 3Dfindit
  • Functions of Enterprise 3Dfindit
  • SAP ECTR, CAD and Enterprise 3Dfindit

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Georg Steinberger

D+D+M Daten- und Dokumentations-Management GmbH & Co. KG

smartPCN as a solution for discontinuation and obsolescence

  • Product Change Notification Management
  • Product change and announcement notifications
  • Obsolescence

Peter Leipold

Kermi GmbH


Presentation of the new BDH/ARGE BIM portal "Qualitybim"

  • Centralized support for different market requirements and market participants
  • Uniform standards and processes to ensure sustainable data quality
  • Central further development with increasing requirements in close cooperation with associations, standardization bodies, software providers and data users

Daniel Reinhardt

Mailingwork GmbH


Industrial B2B e-mail marketing

  • Underestimated potential of e-mail marketing
  • From awareness to advocacy
  • Practical examples and tips

Jan Kolja Arz

Viega GmbH & Co. KG


3 years with CADENAS PARTsolutions

  • Introduction Viega
  • Why PARTsolutions?
  • Challenges during the implementation
  • Current status

Vanessa Kraus

LuArtX IT GmbH


DIAMOND: Data consistency in the Common Data Model (CDM)

  • Enterprise 3Dfindit in CARF
  • Application and added value LPH1-8
  • Waste in target/actual processes

Wolfgang Brenner

CPS Consulting


Andreas Hoppe

August Brötje GmbH


PIM to BIM - Efficient data management for optimal "market supply"

  • "Market communication" as an objective for data management
  • Insight: Requirements are dynamic and constantly changing
  • Hurdles overcome during implementation
  • Goals achieved along the way

Thomas Lang



Dr. Christian Scheifele

ISG Industrielle Steuerungstechnik GmbH; TwinStore GmbH


Intelligent engineering data for virtual commissioning

  • Technology partner for virtual commissioning
  • Review
  • TwinStore V2

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Ramona Müller

Weidmüller Gruppe


Vincent Vossel

Weidmüller Gruppe


High data quality for digital data consistency

  • Entry via Automated Cabinet Building
  • Use of the data in eCAD systems
  • Creating the data and its challenges
  • Committee work at ECLASS

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Jonas Schädeli

Biral AG


The structured, efficient and digital process of designing pump systems

  • Digitization of the design process for pump shafts
  • Simplification of the settlement process
  • Configuration options for pump shafts
  • Production basis based on the configuration

Sebastian Krohn

Dräger GmbH


Enterprise 3Dfindit parts management at DRÄGER

  • CAD systems: Creo Parametric, SolidWorks


  • ERP: SAP

  • Enterprise 3Dfindit web interface integration in the private cloud & with Citrix use

  • Purchased parts management and master data optimization

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Pieter Ruijssenaars



How to transition to a digital and more sustainable supply chain, using Analytics and Additive Manufacturing

  • Companies face supply chain challenges
  • Solutions: data, digitization, Additive Manufacturing reduce vulnerability
  • Presentation: real-world examples, outcomes, key implementation considerations

Bernd Vojanec



From engineering to the customer - end-to-end use of the asset administration shell including the digital twin

  • Digital twin in the product creation process
  • Administration shell (AAS)
  • Type administration shell
  • Touchprints & added value from the Wittenstein perspective
  • Process optimization with the digital twin

Peter Proto

Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions S.p.A


Improving Captial Equipment TCO in Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions through CADENAS GEOsearch

  • Design-to-cost

  • Component portfolio optimization

  • Purchineering

  • Control component proliferation

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Uwe Rechkemmer

NVIDIA Corporation


NVIDIA Omniverse - Building Blocks for the Industrial Metaverse

  • Platform for simulation and collaboration
  • OpenUSD based workflows and applications
  • 3D asset catalogs from CADENAS as an important data source
  • Home for digital twins

Marc Schnierle



Johannes Hoos

Festo AG & Co. KG


Digital Twin as a Service platform for automation

  • Simple modeling of digital twins via the standard web browser with immediate provision on all common mixed reality end devices
  • Maximum availability of digital twins in the public and edge cloud
  • Simple real data connection to control, programming and simulation systems via IP-based network protocols, including OPC UA and MQTT
  • Component selection with CADENAS 3Dfindit
  • Cross-manufacturer innovation community OPEN for finding digital solutions in mechanical engineering

Stefan Eisen

VenturisIT GmbH


"From the first stroke to the last screw" - Consistency of Planning Data

  • Use of coordinated principles and planning processes
  • Avoid data breaks between the service phases
  • Use of data provided, e.g. VDI3805 / 3Dfindit
  • Consistent data from LPH1 through to operation of the system / building
  • Checking data quality during the individual planning phases

Lennart Brüning

CT CoreTechnologie GmbH


4D_Additive - The powerful 3D printing software for all common 3D printers

  • 4D_Additive as universal software for all 3D printers
  • Creation of surface textures and grid structures
  • Optimum orientation of components
  • CAD data preparation Analysis and repair
  • Application example of an additively manufactured bicycle

Werner Maresch



Efficiency in precast planning: How model-based processes save time, minimize errors and increase quality

  • CADENAS 3Dfindit
  • BIMpro / Plugin for Autodesk Revit
  • Application and added value in the precast plant and integration in ERP and MES

Christian Ludwig

InterApp Group


Complex diversity of variants - configurator and CADENAS as a power duo

  • Butterfly valves and their accessories, challenges in variety with a seemingly simple starting position
  • Configurator as a solution
  • CADENAS as visual Digital Twin
  • Configurator + CADENAS, how 1+1 becomes 3

Markus Poppinghuys



PARTsolutions becomes Enterprise 3Dfindit

  • New Enterprise 3Dfindit Web Client
  • For all companies with CAD, PLM & ERP
  • Available for Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud
  • Added value partner apps & solutions

Felix Schulte



Anna Winter



Digital Twin: Unleash the full potential of the download

  • Efficient sales force with Smart Engineering
  • Optimum lead management thanks to CADENAS CRM Connector
  • Presentation of the Industrial Business Intelligence tool

Wolfgang Nagl



Jürgen Heimbach



Frank Epple



News 2024

  • Presentation of new 3Dfindit features
  • Product updates & innovations
  • Outlook on further developments

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