Industry Forum 2015: Review

On February 04th and 05th, 2015 more than 200 international visitors from the mechanical, plant, and electrical engineering industries informed themselves about trends and developments of sustainable cost reduction with Strategic Parts Management and about sales opportunities with Electronic CAD Product Catalogs.

The keynote presentation of the 16th Industry Forum is available on request.

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Keynote for the 15th Industry-Forum

Industry Forum 2015: Presentations

Jürgen Herr

Festo AG & Co. KG


Simplicity pays off in designing

  • Practical use of eCATALOGsolutions
  • Insights all around our CAD data creation process
  • Fast, reliable and efficient when designing in 3D and ordering

Christian Vennemann

AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG


Pascal Giron

AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG


Implementation of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS at AMAZONE

  • Motivation of implementation
  • PLM environment and product development spread over different sites
  • Project plan, current status and vision

Hartmut Wiese

SKF Lubrication Systems Germany GmbH


Implementation of the SKF App Lubcad with eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS

  • App usage of SKF customers
  • Application, advantage and limitations of the App
  • What are the next steps?

Walter Leder



PURCHINEERING 2.0 optimizes the purchasing and engineering process at the same time without additional effort for engineers and purchasers

  • Fully automated background process
  • Reduces the creation of new parts
  • Increases the reuse rate of parts
  • Reduces costs and optimizes processes

Jürgen Mugrauer

Gutekunst + Co.KG


Multi-channel marketing in the industrial sector with the Electronic Product Catalog by CADENAS

  • Specific targeted customer contact with eCATALOGsolutions
  • Catalog on PARTcommunity as pre-sales-service
  • Who makes the buying decision?

Christian Salhi

ZF Friedrichshafen AG


Improvements and optimizations at the ZF Friedrichshafen AG through the strategic parts management PARTsolutions

  • Accelerated cost-optimized design process
  • Data synchronization with the PLM system Agile
  • PARTcommunity Enterprise - in-house portal for suppliers and external service providers

Stefan Waldner



PARTcommunity – Innovations for manufacturer portals

  • New functions for PARTcommunity 4.0
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Statistics tool with infografics and optimized search functions

Thorsten Müller

Parametric Technology Corporation


Jürgen Leiprecht

Parametric Technology Corporation


Find, search and reuse - Repetitive parts management with PTC Windchill and the strategic parts management PARTsolutions

Daniel Toplak



Innovations and outlook in app developement

  • Why you need an app
  • Native app, mobile app, available modules and possiblities
  • More and more mobile

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Paulo Ferreira



Classification of materials with SAP and PARTsolutions - How does it work?

  • Synchronisation of data
  • Receiving material short texts by rules
  • Combining added value of both systems

Diethardt Preißer



The Electronic Product Catalog by CADENAS as strategic sales concept in small businesses

  • Introduction KSM Preisser
  • Interactive sales with eCATALOGsolutions
  • The aim of the partnership with CADENAS

Thomas Lang



Sascha Heinemann



Smart Parts – Intelligent CAD models for the engineering process

  • What are smart parts
  • Why decision makers need smart parts
  • Possibilities for smart parts with eCATALOGsolutions

Sebastian Kern

Infinities1st GmbH


ENOVIA V6 and PARTsolutions - Multi CAx as challenge for managing standard parts on the example of CATIA V5, CATIA V6 and NX

  • Factory standards
  • Interaction of CATIA V6 and PLM
  • Practice example: Mutual data base via Multi CAx

Jürgen Heimbach



How engineers can benefit from social media for their work

  • Exchange ideas in engineering
  • Present your solution portfolio at the market
  • Find suitable engineering service provider

Jochen Bahnmüller

Btc - Bahnmü consulting


3D Product configuration for modular tooling systems with eCATALOGsolutions

  • From print catalog to the 3D Configurator
  • Conceptual design, functions, GUI and interfaces
  • Implementation, GoLive and first experiences

Giulia Garibotto

Creactives SPA


Luca Borghi

CADENAS Italiana S.r.l.


The Innovative Geosemantic Approach to Material Master Data Management and Governance

  • MDM
  • Semantics
  • Data governance
  • Geometrical Search
  • Classification

Thomas Tillmann

Capvidia GmbH


Feature and topology detection - Greater possibilities with Capvidia extension and PARTsolutions

  • Overview PARTsolutions extensions with Capvidia technology
  • Advantages of Feature- and Topology detection at the Strategic Parts Management
  • Access to nativ 3D CAD data with automatic repair for PARTsolution

Frank Epple



Innovations in PARTsolutions Version 10 and outlook for future versions

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available