Industry Forum 2018: Review

On 7 & 8 March 2018 more than 200 international visitors from the mechanical, plant, and electrical engineering industries informed themselves about trends and developments such as Industry 4.0 and cost optimisiation with Strategic Parts Management, boosting market potential with Electronic Product Catalogs and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The opening keynote presentation of the 19th Industry Forum is available upon request.

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Andreas Brandauer

Siemens Industry Software GmbH


Support of Siemens Line Designer & Automation Designer & Mechatronic Concept Designer with Digital Twin by CADENAS

  • Planing production lines and automation with Concept Design Phase up to the VC without media discontinuities
  • Requirements for the Digital Twin with commercially used parts and assemblies

Peter Zander

KUKA Systems GmbH A&T


Optimized SAP procurement process with CADENAS GEOsearch

  • Make or Buy - quicker to make or to procure
  • Smart(er) Purchasing - who made what similar part and when?
  • Reuse - product creation process supported by GEOsearch

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Marcel Nagel



Digitization of "Modular Assembly Automation" as a system configurator with CADENAS

  • High number of variants, showing the possibilities and finding the appropriate, individual solution
  • Time and cost savings in engineering allowing SCHUNK to focus on their core competences as a manufacturer
  • Integration of new variants - Time to Market - constantly updated
  • Parallel creation of BOM lists and goods baskets
  • Available in various communication channels

Tobias Wild

Stadler Bussnang AG


Implementation of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions at Stadler Rail

  • Motivation for the implementation of a parts managment system
  • Challenges for Stadler
  • Outlook

Bruce Hamper

Power Jacks Ltd.


Making Product & CAD Selection Fast & Easy for Customers by Intelligent Systems from CADENAS

  • Product Selector - System recommends product to use based on client application details
  • CAD Configurator - Dynamically configure CAD for products directly or via product selector
  • Integration of selector & configurator into one system

Thorsten Müller

Parametric Technology Corporation


Johannes Geyrhalter


The Digital Twin within the Industrial Internet of Things

  • Collective strength: Collaborative solutiosn of PTC and CADENAS
  • Added value data as a base for future proof applications
  • The digital twin in Augmented Reality

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Steve Gilliom

PHD, Inc.


How to leverage your eCATALOGsolutions investment. Learn how PHD, Inc. continues to “Future Proof” its CAD 25 years later

  • CAD models need attention. Pull the weeds and add fertilizer
  • Having an eCatalog is just the beginning. Adding support systems around your Electronic Product Catalog
  • Utilize a trusted partner who shares the vision

Catriona Bruce

WARR Hyperloop


Munich’s student Hyperloop team: streamlining design for the second competition

  • The first 200 mph Hyperloop pod in six months
  • From sketch to reality with intelligent part search
  • Utilizing PARTsolutions in a small organization

Anthea Waidele

Afag Automation AG


Digitization with photorealistic rendered product images based on the Electronic Product Catalog eCATALOGsolutions

  • Requirements for the rendering of product images
  • Implementation and organization at Afag
  • Experiences and recommendations

Jakob Prechtl

Prechtl Engineering GmbH


See and hear again with the help of standard parts: success story of a portable surgical microscope for developing countries

  • From idea to realisation

  • Benefits and application worldwide

  • Standard parts in engineering and participation in the German Standard Parts Award (Deutscher Normteile Award)

Stefan Waldner



PARTcommunity – Innovations for manufacturer portals

  • New functions for PARTcommunity 8.0

Sergio Salsedo

Focus PLM


Luca Borghi

CADENAS Italiana S.r.l.


CADENAS PURCHINEERING & ARAS Innovator. How Intelligent finding can increase reuse and minimize part duplication

  • Benefit of the Strategic Parts Management integrated in ARAS Innovator
  • ARAS integration in a Multi CAD environment
  • PURCHINEERING 2.0 in ARAS Processes to reduce duplicate parts

Axel Weber

Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG


The Electronic Product Catalog as an efficient marketing tool at Otto Ganter

  • Development of Ganter since 1970 and close partnership with CADENAS
  • Process to develop optimal CAD data for maximum customer service
  • Dynamic product dimensioning and its benefits
  • Implementation in other companies of the Ganter Group

Lars Fredenlund

coBuilder AS


Data-driven BIM is as complicated or as simple as we want it to be

  • Standards put forward by CEN 442 (PPBIM & PDT)
  • Product Data Templates
  • Delivering manufacturers' data to objects using CADENAS & coBuilder CAD enrichment features

Matthias Bruhnke

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG


Christoph Blessing

OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH


BIM requirements and objectives for BIM planning from a constructor's perspective

  • Definition of roles and requirements for constructors
  • BIM product configurator VARICON powered by CADENAS

Nikolai D'Agostino



Support of plant and process engineering with intelligent parts from component libraries

  • Plant and process engineering with FASTSUITE Edition 2
  • Intelligent parts as a mechatronic component model
  • AutomationML as a neutral format for "intelligent" parts

Christopher Lind



Integration of the CADENAS standard and purchased parts system in TENADO CAD software

  • Seamless integration into the 3D products TENADO CAD and TENADO METAL
  • CADENAS replaces the parts library in all TENADO 2D products

Jürgen Heimbach



Classification 2.0 - Parametric reference model instead of manual classification

  • Problems in building a consistent classification system using traditional methods
  • Parametric reference model based on the geometric properties of component classes
  • Consideration of further features e.g. number and size of drill holes

Robert Weitlaner

HELLA Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik GmbH


Motivation and first steps towards digitalisation with at HELLA Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik GmbH

  • Need for 2D & 3D Multi CAD BIM data for optimal sun shading customer service
  • Sun protection = high configuration complexity (hidden in detail)
  • First implementation steps and outlook

Arndt Lüder

Otto-v.-Guericke Universität


AutomationML as a description language for components

  • AutomationML as a data exchange format
  • Information volumes covered by AutomationML
  • Possible role of AutomationML based component descriptions in the design process

Frank Epple



Innovations in PARTsolutions version 12 and outlook to future versions