Industry Forum 2016: Review

Keynote for the 17th Industry-ForumOn March 08th and 09th, 2016 more than 200 international visitors from the mechanical, plant, and electrical engineering industries informed themselves about trends and developments of sustainable cost reduction with Strategic Parts Management, about sales opportunities with Electronic CAD Product Catalogs and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The opening keynote presentation of the 17th Industry Forum is available upon request.

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Industry Forum 2016: Presentations

Nicola Campo

GE Oil & Gas


How the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS supports GE Oil & Gas Turbomachinery Solutions

  • Management of standard and commercial parts for mechanical & electronic engineering
  • PARTsolutions integrated in NX and Teamcenter
  • Manage costs earlier in the design phase

Viktor Braun

Siemens Industry Software GmbH


Digitisation in the field of mechanical engineering: Siemens MCD & intelligent purchased parts from CADENAS

  • Early mechatronic simulation in construction and development with the help of CADENAS' Smart Parts
  • Reuse of simulation objects and "intelligent" catalog parts
  • Outlook for the virtual commissioning with the Mechatronics Concept Designer

Markus Bamberg

Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH


The Electronic Product Catalog by CADENAS as a marketplace for a company

  • Complete portfolio with BMEcat importer
  • Configuration of rotary encoders as a novelity
  • Experiences

Wilhelm Reiner

manroland web systems GmbH


Bernd Schön



How to prepare the migration from Ideas to NX?

  • Planung und Realisierung einer neuen Systemumgebung
  • Migration der PARTsolutions Eigenteile (Daten und Geometrie)
  • Planung der Migration von Baugruppen

Anja Karolin Schulze

HellermannTyton GmbH


James Hill

HellermannTyton GmbH


Construct quickly & efficiently through HellermannTyton's 3D data created by eCATALOGsolutions technology

  • Easy system handling
  • Improved search ability
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Matthew Krupa

Parker Hannifin Corporation


Reuse of CAD data utilizing PARTsolutions technology

  • Gain standard part data visibility across all systems
  • Guide selection of company approved standard and supplier parts
  • Achieve greater order accuracy and procurement efficiency

Thomas Lang



Sascha Heinemann



Smart Sales – Know who and where your customers are with eCATALOGsolutions

  • Offer the right product to the right person at the right time
  • Indentify sales potentials
  • Optimize your field sales

Bernd Postaremczak

SMS group GmbH


Strategic Parts Management global

  • Parts management at SMS group
  • Use of PARTapplication server
  • Challenges & difficulties

Stefan Waldner



PARTcommunity – Innovations for manufacturer portals

  • New functions for PARTcommunity 6.0

Jonathan Bächle

DSC Software AG


Parts management with SAP Engineering Control Center in a multi CAD area

  • Create standard parts and purchased parts in SAP
  • Find existing parts - search methods
  • Manage parts from different CAD systems

Markus Engbert



BIM compatible Electronic Product Catalog powered by eCATALOGsolutions

  • What is BIM?
  • New possibilities for eCATALOGsolutins in the buidling industry
  • PHILIPP product catalog for prefabricated construction

Stefan Günter



Marketing opportunities for manufacturers of building elements with

  • What is
  • Roadmap BIM
  • Differences to industry solutions

Tahir Sharif

The BIM Hub Ltd


The Importance of ‘I’ in BIM

  • How supports The BIM Hub with embedded intelligent 3D BIM CAD supplier catalogs
  • Digital construction is happening now with BIM the construction is waking up to a digital world
  • More than visualisation and clash detection construction industry is now ready for the next step

Holger Kreienbrink

GRAPHISOFT Deutschland GmbH


BIM from the architects' point of view

  • What does BIM mean for architects and designers
  • The OPEN BIM Workflow
  • BIM Objects at the architectural office

Matthias Grywatsch

Fachschule für Technik Mühlhausen


Innovations potential of the Engineering Newcomer Challenge

  • Introduction of the Engineering Newcomer Challenge
  • Received contributions & results
  • Standards vs. no standards

Jürgen Thome



Classification 2.0 – Parametric reference model vs. manual classification

  • Traditional classification based on the example of a plant engineering company
  • Intelligent finding
  • Classification 2.0 (incl. Livedemo)

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Prof. Dr. Ralf Oetinger

IBO-Institute - htw saar


Greater efficiency in purchasing and construction - Parts Management in an open source environment

  • ERP catalog integration
  • Master data and standard parts management
  • OpenSource company software

Jürgen Heimbach



Sexy and innovative marketing for technical products

  • Trade show entertainment for more attention
  • Make components come to live with virtual reality
  • The perfect illusion with hologram technology

Frank Epple



Innovations in PARTsolutions version 11 and outlook to future versions

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available