Evening Event 2018

Traditional hut of fun

This year it's time for our hut of fun. Whether for ski-enthusiasts or sporty muffle, we have provided the place for fun.

And of course there will be real food: dumplings, smoked meat, roast pork... just about everything the original Bavarian way of life has to offer.



March, 7th 2018 - 7:00 p.m.


Berliner Allee 36
86153 Augsburg


There is no Dresscode

Review Evening Event 2017

Abendevent CADENAS Industry-Forum 2017

We took part in the world's most globally celebrated National Holiday: St. Patrick's Day!

The Irish (and all of those who were for a day) celebrated the 17th of March in style with CADENAS.

We marked the run up for St. Patrick’s Day by showing you how they do it on the green island with live Irish music, Irish food and most importantly Irish drinking.

CADENAS showed it all at our exclusive evening event that promised and delivered a night jam packed with fun.