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The European Soccer Championship 2024 at the CADENAS Industry Forum: A colorful mix of games, fun and exciting networking among like-minded people awaits you at this year's evening event!

After the exciting lecture program on the first day of the event, the second half will take place on 19 March 2024 in the Augsburg restaurant Kälberhalle. This will not only offer culinary delights with regional and international specialties especially for this occasion, but will also make every soccer enthusiast's heart beat faster under the motto of the European Championship 2024.

Unleash your inner soccer player and prove yourself with table soccer and other interactive attractions. Even guests who are less interested in grass acrobatics can expect a thrilling event. The extensive evening menu with complementary drinks menu is particularly inviting for stimulating discussions and sociable networking.

We ask you to confirm your attendance at the evening event when you book your ticket. There are no additional costs.

Interactive soccer activities

Prove your soccer skills

Drinks & Food

Regional & international cuisine

No Dresscode

Evening wear and jerseys suitable for soccer are welcome.

Drinks & Food

Catering should not be neglected between heated matches. That's why we serve our guests a delicious dinner with regional and international cuisine. Vegetarian variations are also available.
To celebrate your winnings, we also serve beer, wine and Prosecco as well as a selection of caffeinated drinks such as cappuccino and latte macchiato in addition to numerous non-alcoholic drinks.

We look forward to an exciting evening together!


19 March 2024 - 7:00 p.m.



Berliner Allee 36

86153 Augsburg


No dress code.

However, evening wear and jerseys suitable for football are welcome.