Ryerson's International Hyperloop TeamRyerson's International Hyperloop Team uses AIA NAS 3D digital standards to accelerate design process

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Graeme Klim

Graeme Klim

Ryerson's International Hyperloop Team

Graeme is Ryerson’s International Hyperloop Team’s founder, team leader, lead mechanical designer and a 2nd year Masters student studying aerospace engineering at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada). After having worked as a design and analysis engineering intern at aircraft landing gear designer and manufacturer Safran Landing Systems in Ajax, Ontario, Graeme had the idea to translate his working knowledge of aircraft landing gear design into modular design of a deployable wheel system concept that could be integrated into almost any Hyperloop pod design.

Graeme now leads an award-winning team of six graduate and undergraduate students through the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition. The team recently presented their work to a crowd of thousands at SpaceX on January 29th, 2017 .