Industry Forum 2013: Review

On February 19th and 20th, 2013 more than 200 international visitors from the mechanical, plant, and electrical engineering industries informed themselves about trends and developments of sustainable cost reduction with Strategic Parts Management and about sales opportunities with Electronic CAD Product Catalogs.

Here you will find presentations, videos, pictures and the feedback from the participants about the 14th CADENAS Industry Forum 2013.

Keynote for the 14th Industry-Forum


Marc Zingg

Afag Automation AG


Customized App – Use your creative moments!

  • Motivation for a company specific app
  • New communication channels
  • Be closer to the customers

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Hendrik Grosser

Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionstechnik (IPK)


Identification of individual parts in assemblies per 3D scan and geometric similarity search

  • Content research project Reverse Engineering
  • Results of search for 3D scan data
  • Future potential of part recognition

Raimund Horvath

Starlinger & Co. GmbH


CADENAS – The first year: Implementation and standardization with PARTsolutions

  • Standardization
  • Implementation
  • Personalization

Andreas Höfig



Smart Catalog: The Print Catalog Goes Digital

  • Download CAD models from paper catalog directly per APP with one click
  • Fast access to offer info, technical documentation and user cases

Frank Altmann



Make tradeshows and product launches more successful

  • Tradeshow cooperation with CADENAS
  • Use eye catchers successfully
  • Restage product services

Michael Rempfer

Hinterkopf GmbH


The PDM connection as beginning of strategic parts managements

  • Implementation of requirements
  • Procedure during indtroduction
  • First experiences

Timo Kleemann

Hans Georg Brühl GmbH


Simplification of the planning process through implementation of interactive product configurator at Hans Georg Brühl GmbH

  • Introduce products and the current order process
  • Changes through implementation of product configurator
  • Further improvement potential in processes

Stefan Waldner



Innovations and planned functions of the 3D CAD Downloadportal PARTcommunity by CADENAS

  • PARTcommunity/seamless integration into websites
  • New administration tools (statistic, email exclusion and user administration)
  • Developments for PCOM 2.1.x (Pluginfree website, Full-text Search)

Reiner Heimsoth

keytech Software GmbH


Intelligent systems in use – Cross-system workflows increase efficiency

  • PLM/DMS as company-wide information platform
  • Cost minimization through cross-process workflows
  • Buy instead of manufacturing with CADENAS GEOsearch

Detlev Mohr

SpaceClaim Corporation

Developing designs, drafts and offers, even if you're not an CAD expert, with SpaceClaim and CADENAS PARTcommunity

  • Fast modelling
  • Intuitive surface
  • Using PARTcommunity

Jürgen Heimbach



Innovative Knowledge database with use examples for engineers and purchasing

  • Experience products from component manufacturers in use
  • Engineering challenges motivate engineers to make their knowledge readily available
  • Manufacturers receive suggestions for new products and product optimization

Moritz Kürten



GEOsearch for Extended Enterprise - Project Report and Live Demo

  • GEOsearch WEB Portal for external supplier
  • Target & Solution
  • Realization for Airbus Supply SPAN Portal

Oliver Becker


Parts Reduction and Part Reuse with PLM

  • Why PLM & classification?
  • Development of mechatronic products with PRO.FILE
  • Integration of CADENAS GEOsearch into PRO.FILE

Martin Bleibel



Online connection to PARTcommunity

  • New functionality in the internet shop
  • Just one login for both platforms
  • Direct link from the product to the CAD file

Alen Blechinger

CADENAS Solutions GmbH


Find standard, sales and supplier parts quick and easy with the intelligent CADENAS search methods

  • Overview of the search methods: Search by 2D sketch, geometrical similarity search, topology search, etc.
  • From the designed finished part to the matching raw part
  • Multi level search procedures with the Cloud Navigator

Werner März

Systemworkx AG


Virtualization in the workplace for CATIA, NX & Co.

  • Virtualization solutions for CAD workstations with Citrix XenDesktop and Dell

Andreas Binder

Erwin Halder KG


The New Appliance Butler - Using the entire solution eCATALOGsolutions

  • The other kind of product configurator
  • Quick and safely to the needed appliance
  • Efficient and correct design
  • Direct use of the CAD construction

Paulo Ferreira



Increase of efficiency with classification and high quality of master data

  • Requirements for an improved data quality and automatic classification
  • Enhance, synchronize and keep classification up-to-date
  • Integration of PARTsolutions, PARTdatacenter, ClassCockpit and SAP

Frank Epple



Innovations in PARTsolutions Version 9.5 and outlook for future versions

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available