Review: Industry Forum 2011 - Presentations

Achim Tymura

Demag Cranes & Components GmbH

CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions with the Demag Product Configurators

  • Project
  • Experience
  • Live presentation

Philip Kraus

MAN Truck & Bus AG

Strategic Parts Management with PARTsolutions at MAN Truck & Bus AG

  • Goals of Strategic Parts Management
  • PARTsolutions areas of use within the MAN Truck & Bus AG
  • Content and integration of PARTsolutions within the MAN Truck & Bus AG

Thomas Lang



Product development and Supplier Integration Across Locations at ELWEMA Automotive GmbH

  • Introduction to Inventor and PARTsolutions
  • Connection to the ERP system proAlpha via CA-Link
  • Cooperation with external engineering firms via PARTcommunity

Daniel Reichard


PARTsolutions Topology Search: The Last Building Block to Replacing a Classification in a Company

  • Presentation of the new search options with v9.02 (Focus on Topological Search)
  • Practical example based on native data from Liebherr (approx. 25.000 single parts)
  • Best Practice in developing a search database for customer specific design data

Günter Brugger

sikla GmbH

Development and Implementation of a System Configurator for Efficient Support of Customer Management in the Difficult Presales Phase

  • SIKLA-specific field and sales structure and back office structure
  • Problem with technical support within this structure
  • Range of activities of system configurator, implementation and chances

Axel Eckstein

CONTACT Software GmbH

PDM: Key for Successful Management of the Corporate-wide Product Data

  • Master data and parts management
  • Reuse, transparency, integrated network
  • Standard parts management

Ulrich Abele

Network Press Germany GmbH

Sourcineering - Purchasing and Engineering Hand-in-Hand in the Future

  • Value-added contribution of procurement
  • Optimization lever
  • Supplier and parts consolidation

Hansjörg Gutensohn

asim GmbH


Andreas Höfig



eCATALOGsolutions - the integrated solution with addded value

  • The revolutionary improved print solution eCATALOGsolutions/publish base
  • Cross Media Publishing

PARTcommunity 2.0

  • Quick access to the selected part
  • Create comprehensive data sheet online
  • Integration of a wizard

Matthias Künkler

schukai GmbH

e-Shop B2B and B2C Solution for PARTcommunity 2.0

  • E-shops in the industrial sector? E-commerce as win-win solution for manufacturers and convertors
  • Sales channel e-shop: Fast-selling items at minimal costs
  • Chances and perspectives in E-commerce

Stefan Waldner



PARTcommunity 2.0 - Paradigm Change for Online Product Catalogs

  • New potentials and ideas for manufacturers
  • Perspectives of further development

Jens Rothhardt

OSCo Olbricht, Seehaus & Co. Consulting GmbH

CADENAS' Geometric Similarity Search in Cost Estimation in SAP

  • Flexible calculation of similar parts
  • Integrated offer-cockpit
  • Fast offers with versions and scale quantities

Jürgen Heimbach



Augmented Reality - One Year and Many Interesting Use Cases

  • Chances
  • Use cases
  • Benefits

Dirk Hüfken

Sell GmbH

Introduction of CADENAS PARTsolutions and the Geometric Search for CATIA V5 and SmarTeam PLM

  • Keep part multiplicity in check with PARTsolutions and Keep part multiplicity in check with PARTsolutions and SmarTeam connection for CATIA V5
  • Find existing 3D similar parts and reuse via geometric similarity search
  • Outlook Integration of CATIA own parts library in PARTsolutions as central engineering point for company standards

Unfortunately the script for this presentation is not available

Thorsten Rösner

Hans TURCK GmbH & Co. KG

Worldwide Introduction of the (Multi-)CAD Service: CAD@TURCK

  • Technology and supplier selection
  • Project implementation and experience
  • BMEcat data exchange between PIM and eCAT

Udo Buschbeck


Standardization in the Context of PLM and ERP Processes

  • Standard and purchased parts in NX, Teamcenter and SAP ERP environments
  • Test case on basis of implemented customer scenarios

Heiko Schmidt

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE

MAN 3D Engine Viewer Advantages and Disadvantages of an Online Model Configuration

  • Range of application and implementation
  • Model structure and variant multiplicity
  • Compare static pre-configured bitmaps with online model configuration

Michael Hendler

CAPTRON Electronic GmbH

CAPTRON offers new service for its customers

  • Retrospect and preview of the project
  • New ways with Electronic Product Catalog
  • A year of successful tradeshow entertainment