Fully automated classification with PARTsolutions

Many companies have set themselves the goal of structuring their design data using classification systems. By far the biggest hurdle, however, is the initial classification of all inventory data.

Automatische Klassifikation des Teilestamms mit PARTsolutions

Classification revolutionized: Three experts - one solution

Through cooperation with long-standing partners and classification specialists, CADENAS has succeeded in developing a solution that combines the advantages of the geometric shape search with the knowledge from numerous classification projects. Thanks to the comprehensive standard interfaces to products such as PTC, this solution can also be integrated into the PartsLink classification tool.

In our workshop we will show you the following:

  • Fully automatic classification by means of geometric shape search

  • Fully automatic classification based on a knowledge database

  • Semi-automatic post-classification and continuous classification

  • Connection of external systems such as PTC PartsLink

Duration: 45 min
Date: on both event days
Target Group: PARTsolutions customers and prospects


eCATALOGsolutions: Creation of parts catalogs by importing existing data

Sometimes companies need to quick and easy entry when it comes to eectronic parts catalogs - either because of a limited budget or because the first results should be available as soon as possible. In this case, an import catalog can be the first step if STP, RFA or VDI data already exist.

Existing data combined with CADENAS technology offers many new possibilities

Let us show you how you can import various existing CAD or metadata and what possibilities this opens up in combination with CADENAS technology. Furthermore, we will show you how to distribute this digital product data via different output media and channels.

Our workshop will answer you the following questions:

  • Which type of data can be used and which quality is necessary (STP, RFA, VDI, etc.)

  • How does the CADENAS Importer work in detail?

  • How can CAD data be enriched simultaneously with meta data?

  • Which innovative marketing opportunities are opened up by the use of CADENAS technology?

  • What do imported catalogs look like on the CADENAS end media?

  • The CADENAS Pipeline: How to automate processes

  • 2D extrusion: How to quickly and easily create 3D models from 2D DXF/DWG data of metal profiles

Duration: 45 min
Date: on both event days
Target Group: eCATALOGsolutions customers and prospects